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Your turn So that’s it, it was a bit long and it’s going to be even longer because more and more questions arise – as with every new tool that is launched. We are sure that together we can find out more about this new and free tool and understand how much information it can give us and contribute to our advertising campaigns and improving conversion rates. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us and together we will walk the journey that your customers go through and understand exactly what turns a surfer into a customer – and knowledge, knowledge is power that you want to hold in your hands.

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Translated from an article by the legendary John Lommer. Different buyers will Venezuela Phone Number List reach the search box at different stages of purchase intention and readiness. How can you optimize and maximize your campaign for each of the purchase intent stages your potential customers are in? By setting different hands for different surfers, you can maximize your sponsored shopping campaign. Using a combination of purchase campaigns and negative keyword lists, you can categorize the good, average, and bad traffic without jeopardizing your profitability. Want to learn more? In this article we will explain to you how to do this. Acquaintance with the different stages of purchase intention Each buyer has his own buying process and each such process is different from the other but each buyer goes through the same existing buying steps. It starts with getting to know the product and ends with its purchase.

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Stages of purchase intent Each step of the sales CG Leads process increases the chance of a successful purchase. 1. Knowing the product – a buyer knows the product for the first time – it is unlikely that he will buy. 2. Interest – a buyer shows interest in the product and learns about it – a good chance that he will purchase it. 3. Purchase intention – decision to purchase the product – likely to purchase. 4. Weighing – the important step is to look for the best place to purchase the product.

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