Setting A Goal For Missed Calls – 5 Set A Name For It And Then

You can’t put spaces in the title. After setting up, you will see the conversion already in the list and it will be automatically enabl: the correctness of tracking for the current day only on the next day. Because Google Analytics will count events only after this time. Target setting for all call categories Conversion for all categories of calls is set up very simply – just turn on the calculation of conversion by events. Target setting for all call categories Setting a target for miss calls Create a “Special definition” for the parameter base on which the conversion will be calculate. To do this, go to the Configuration – Custom Definitions section and click on “Create Custom Parameter.

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Setting a target for miss calls Specify Call disposition in the name. The default scope will be set to “Event” – this is left unchange. We set the description to “Call disposition” or “Call status” – in general, this parameter is not require to be filld in. Select the “disposition” event parameter from the drop-down list and save the settings: Setting a goal Pakistan Mobile Number List for miss calls – 2 After that, we move on to setting up the audience. To do this, as in the paragraph about unique calls, go to the section Configuration – Audiences . And click on create new: Setting a goal for miss calls – 3 Click “Create Custom Audience” set the conditions. Select the call event: Setting a goal for miss calls – 6 To set the audience condition.

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Specify the “Call disposition” parameter that was create earlier: Setting a goal for misse calls – 7 For the condition, you need to select “matches the regular expression” and set the value (CLIENT NO ANSWER|NO-FORWARD|NO ANSWER|BUSY|FAILE|VOICEMAIL|NO EXTENSION). That is, here we describe all the statuses for calls, which mean that the call was miss. For example, no answer, call with an error, busy, etc. Setting a target for missed calls After setting the condition, specify the Audience Trigger. Setting a goal for missed calls – 8 Let me remind you once again that its name, as in the case of others, should not have spaces.

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