Set A Too Low Budget But There Are A Lot Of Audiences

The system “does not understand” what kind of product you are selling and displays the wrong positions; you initially trained him on completely different conversions and profitability that are needed to turn Smart Shopping into a combine for “processing” users into orders. After an increase in the budget, usually all trends intensify. The nuance is that if Smart Shopping worked well, this will strengthen its strengths. And if there were goods that attracted traffic and did not convert, the system will intensify this situation. That together with an increase in the budget, that with a decrease in profitability. In this case, you will need to start teaching Smart Shopping in a new way.

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What to check and how to change the situation Check if dynamic remarketing works correctly. Especially the relevance of the work of the lists “Completed conversions”. This will give a clear picture of what is happening on the site. An example of setting up such an audience: Check if dynamic remarketing works correctly. Review how ecommerce conversions Honduras Mobile Number List are recorded on your site. Often the error may be that something has flown off, it has not been fixed completely, etc. Analyze if you launched another type of campaign at the moment when Smart Shopping started to work incorrectly. For example, Facebook ads or teaser networks. Perhaps remarketing lists have begun to fill with a completely different type of audience – or generally low-quality traffic. This also happens when the target works well for someone, but does not give any effect for someone.

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Does Not Have Enough Resources

You need to understand if there is any channel that dramatically changes the whole situation. After all, Smart Shopping and Google advertising in general does not work for you personally, but for the site. And if a situation arises that you need to help other campaigns to bring conversions, and not get them yourself, she will boldly do it. And what to do? Return to de-segmentation – start with “narrow” groupings or campaigns with a common product range, but high profit margins and a smaller budget. There is such a Smart Shopping rule – if you want high profitability values, 2000-6000%, you need to select a small budget for this.

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