How to Use a Service and Marketing Chatbot for Health Institutions

How to use a care and marketing chatbot for health institutions? We hear a lot about chatbots or intelligent virtual assistants for companies. However, few people know how to use them to benefit their clinics or other health establishments. Incredible as it may seem, many health professionals still believe that self-care via chatbots is something far from reality. But they are wrong! Chatbots arrived at the present and can be obtained at affordable prices for any office or clinic, generating innumerable advantages. Are you ready to cell phone number list enter this path of no return? So, read on! But what is a chatbot? A chatbot is nothing more than software capable of conducting a conversation via audio or text with a person. Currently, they work on sites, mainly on popular message exchange platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, and there is great expectation that it will work soon on WhatsApp as well.

Why Use a Chatbot in My Clinic?

Did you know that about 59.30% of patients try to contact your clinic. Outside of business hours to schedule an appointment? Research indicates that 65% of consumers prefer to be served by. A chatbot that resolves their doubts, instead of having to wait in. A queue by phone. In addition, the same research states that 23% of potential customers. Simply give up making the purchase if the communication channel is busy. More reasons for you to use a service and marketing chatbot. In your clinic: be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; serve several. Customers at the same time, without a queue, without a busy phone and. Without the need for your telemarketing team or assistants. To end up overloaded during peak hours

How to Start a Chatbot Strategy for My Clinic?

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1. Choose a chatbot platform. There are generic platforms, which do not need programmers, but which require you to spend some time planning the entire flow and all the possibilities that you want to automate to pass everything to the program. There is also a specific solution for clinics and offices focused on converting strangers into patients, and it can be quickly configured as the Cloudia platform.2. Disseminate the new self-service channel to CG Leads those who already know you. When hiring a chatbot service for your clinic, you need to know how to disclose this channel for acquiring new patients or it will be useless. First of all, send an email to your entire patient list, advising about the new channel and disclosing the Messenger link of your page, which will have the format.

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