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If you have to enter all the information manually, it will take a lot of time, it can lead to errors and even loss of part of the data. Price The cost of CRM can be made up of several components: license or access fee; payment for the initial data transfer, subsequent download and upload of data; maintenance fee – implementation and training; improvement fee. Before starting the implementation, evaluate the financial capabilities of the business and be prepared for the costs – basic and additional. Few people take into account that the time spent on training distracts employees from their main duties. And this is also a loss. Don’t choose CRM based on price alone. Buying the cheapest system with limited functionality.

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Refusing training and maintenance, is the risk of subsequently spending much more on updating or even replacing the program. CRM implementation step by step plan Start conveying to managers the essence of upcoming innovations. Tell us about the benefits of using the system: automation, getting rid of routine, saving time. Convince subordinates that Bulgaria Mobile Number List the system does not record the screen, does not count cups of coffee and smoked cigarettes. It just helps increase productivity. Create a working group of leaders and managers from different departments. Describe in detail the business processes on which the goals of implementing CRM depend. Formulate functional and technical requirements for CRM. Compare several systems that meet the basic requirements.

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For convenience, you can use a ready-made comparison table – create a copy of the document and use it. Request a product presentation. By the way, already at this stage, pay attention to how quickly and in detail the service provider responds to your requests. Most likely, this will be the support. Take advantage of a free trial period . Evaluate how the selected systems meet your needs: in terms of functionality, technical capabilities, ergonomics. Pay attention to how technical support works. Discuss with the product supplier the technical feasibility of improving the system – immediately or over time. Request a quotation with a detailed description of the implementation process and the cost of all work. Plan your spending for the next few years so that spending doesn’t come as a surprise or go over budget.

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