Seo the Criteria for Choosing Effective Directories

Submitting a site to a directory is supposed to be the easiest way to get backlinks. However, some directories will be more effective and useful than others when it comes to SEO. What are the criteria for choosing the “good” directories? “Before resorting to the fairly easy lever of directories. I recommend first obtaining links that are more difficult to glean. And only submitting the site to be listed in a directory afterwards. Specifies sylvain richard from the outset. Founder of axenet , an agency specializing in the creation and referencing of websites. This specialist admits . That directories can be a useful seo lever for a newly created site. But you should not bet everything on it. And not exceed, say, 15% of links from directories, because this proportion is sufficient for a site that is starting.

Avoid a directory penalized by Google

So you must first ensure that the targeted directory has not been the victim of a sanction,” advises Sylvain Richard. “To do this, simply type a query in Google corresponding to Bahamas Phone Number List the name of the directory. The latter must then appear first, and if this is not the case, there is a problem”, specifies the SEO specialist. richard Sylvain Richard, founder of AxeNet, an agency specializing in the creation and referencing of websites.  SR 2- Aim for a well-indexed directory Second criterion to check for the manager of the AxeNet agency: the correct indexing of the directory files, which must be regularly crawled by Google robots. To verify this point, simply go to a recently accepted file in the directory, copy and paste its first sentence into Google (or even put it in quotes ) and see if the request brings up the file.

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Appreciate the requirement of directories

Appreciate the requirement of directories Does the directory impose a minimum number of words? Do the previous accepted files contain spelling mistakes? Have CG Leads they been duplicated elsewhere? Are there many criteria and fields to fill in? Can registration be done in less than a minute or more than five? “The more annoying the directories are, the more effective they are”, sums up Sylvain Richard. 4 – Analyze more important indicators than PageRank ? “Obviously, SEOs look at the PageRank of the directory and its pages, and a good PageRank can be ideal, but there are files or categories that don’t have one, or no good one, or not yet, and which can still be interesting”, explains the founder of the AxeNet agency, who also recommends looking at other indicators, such as MozRank or MozTrustoffered by SEOMoz tools.

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