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That’s what SEO is for. What are search engines? Search engines are systems made up of a series of Google algorithms that have the function of tracking, indexing and classifying web content to display them in order in user searches. You can also call them search engines, search engines, search engines or search engines ( in English). However, when we talk about search engines, we are not only talking about Google, but also Bing, Yahoo!, Baidu and other systems. Even YouTube and Pinterest, for example, could be called search engines, since we use them a lot to find content. But it is clear that Google stands out among them, because it has more than 92% share of the search market. Each motor has its mode of operation and classification criteria.

But the ultimate goal is always the same

Provide the best answers for what the user is Brazil Number Data looking for. How do search engines work? Have you ever thought about everything Google does every time you type in a search? Displaying a list of pages that answer your question is a long process, although it only takes a few seconds! Search engines basically operate in three steps: 1. Crawling Initially, search engines crawl web content. Robots or spiders do this; in the case of Google, they are called Googlebot. They follow the paths that the links point to, looking for new pages and updates.

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Indexing the pages that had good

Rankings are then which acts as a great library of web content. There, the pages are ordere according to the data obtained from the crawl, such as their load time and their main keywords. 3. Classification Crawling and indexing processes CG Leads  happen all the time. Therefore, robots are always on the move to search and organize web content. However, the order in which they appear in user searches is define at the time of ranking. What are SEO location factors? Although Google does not reveal which are the most important factors for its crawling and indexing algorithms, we know that there are more than 200, which means that there are many aspects to take into account in an SEO strategy and several details can make the difference in the ranking.

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