Scroll to Text: Google Chrome Update Promises to Change the Way of Link Building

One of the main points of a Content Marketing strategy is link building. This technique, which directly influences the positioning in Google, can measure the relevance and popularity of a domain on the Internet. Today, the links are made in words or phrases of a text and direct the reader to another page that deals with the subject. In the near future, link building will gain new permissions. Google Chrome is working on a new feature that will allow the user to make a direct link to a specific piece of text on a page. It will be like YouTube, which already allows you to create links to the specific point where you want the video to start. For example, if you want to share a video so that people can see what happens after 3 minutes.

Scroll-to-text Function

Chrome’s new feature, called scroll to text, will allow links. To be created to snippets and paragraphs on other pages. After that, That setting will appear in a snippet of the url, making it quick for. Users to find the section of content that deserves to be highlighted. Similarly, The feature, initially intended for github, is undergoing alterations. To malaysia email list meet the needs of chrome users. But the github page itself offers various. Explanations of how the new tool will work. After that, When referencing a specific part of a page, it is desirable that. There be the possibility of producing a direct link to this particular point. Today, this type of action is not authorized. To get around this problem, users share screenshots. Similarly, Of the most relevant snippets of content. Or give instructions on where to start reading.

Scroll to Text in Search Engines

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In search engines, this function could make the process of finding information even easier for users. Per the GitHub example, when doing a search on Google, it will be possible to find a link to “jump” directly to the page being searched for. The situation presented by the hosting platform CG Leads clarifies the issue well. When doing a search for the speech “Gettysburg Address”, by former US President Abraham Lincoln, to find out what were the sources of inspiration for his statement, it is possible to find a Wikipedia link with the option to follow directly the intertitle that explains the search intent.

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