Sadfishing on the Saddest Day of the Year Beware!

Christmas, halloween, valentine’s day, carnivals… And so many other dates that have become the perfect opportunity to sell and make your customers remember you. Joining that list of festivities is blue monday , but not as a celebration. The saddest day of the year also has a specific date. And why not make a space for it in our content calendars? Since the best opportunities can come from sad days. Take the opportunity to increase the sales of the month that is usually the lowest in income. For that we have seasonal marketing, and so you know how to apply it, i share this article from our blog apply seasonal marketing and take advantage of commemorative dates to enhance your brand so get ready to discover how you celebrate an increase in sales. While the saddest day of the year 2020 passes . It’s not your customers’ job to remember you. It is your obligation and responsibility to make sure that they do not have time to forget you.

This practice has become

Patricia fripp what is sad fishing? Sadfishing is one of the practices that currently contributes the greatest base to blue monday . It is a practice that has become popular through India Phone Number List social networks, and can have serious implications for the digital and physical well-being of the user. The practice is to publish the personal problems of each user with very sad stories. The purpose of sadfishing is to connect with users who can empathize with the story. To get their attention or increase engagement .  A foolproof strategy for some celebrities like kendall jenner. Who published her sad experience with acne to get the attention of as many users as possible. The objective? Advertise a brand of body creams.

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The networks as advertising spaces

For their part, users who do not use can take this practice as a method to vent their problems. Which can cause problems such as harassment, bullying. Decreased CG Leads communication with close beings, among others. Why this january 18 is the saddest day of the year enough time has passed since the holidays. There are many days left for new vacations, the salary is not enough to pay the debts acquired, and the rebates have disappeared; still wondering why it’s the saddest day of the year? The psychologist cliff arnall summarizes in a mathematical formula. Which exposes these reasons: the reason for the saddest day of the year.

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