Rockmybusiness: Kenoby’s Strategy to Quadruple the Number of Leads in One Year

In September 2016, exactly two years ago, Kenobi began his Content Marketing strategy and, with it, the association with Rock Content. And what you are going to see in this post is all the learning they had in this period to achieve the result they have today, increasing the number of leads generated by more than 450%. But before you start reading, we need to clear up a very important point here, ok? This article does not have any magic formula or trick that will make you quadruple your leads. It is a story of hard work, mistakes and learning. That said, if you are on pause with your marketing strategy, I strongly suggest you follow along with me to understand what to do to improve it. This is another one of those contents that will tell you

A Bit About the Context

Well, so that you understand a little more about the applied strategy, I need to tell you a little about Kenobi and Felipe, the company’s Marketing Manager. Kenoby is a recent company, with a little more than 2 years of operation, it has a platform to assist in the recruitment and selection of great talents for companies. Because it is an excellent tool, indications of new Pharmacy email list users arrived, but that was not scalable, it did not allow them to live only from this source of income. And to change that, Felipe was invited to take over marketing and change the scenery. And here an important contribution is worth: Felipe is not from Marketing by training. Actually, he is a developer, with training in databases and his contact with Digital Marketing.

The Beginning of Inbound Marketing

Pharmacy email list

The truth is that the beginning of Kenoby’s strategy was very common and probably that beginning is not strange to him: they hired a Marketing automation tool to scale lead generation and along with it they felt the need to produce content to feed that automation. Some content per week, an ebook to help conversion, generate qualified leads and BOOM! Is it ok to start CG Leads generating correct results? Well yes and no.I know that this answer is strange, but conceptually it is “correct”, but the problem is that the concept and the practice do not necessarily walk side by side.

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