Rockmybusiness: How Sonda Marketing Implemented Inbound in the Largest It Company in Latin America

That Content Marketing is a reality, we all know that. In the end, according to the 2017 Content Trends survey, almost 60% of companies intend to adopt this strategy. The curious fact is that this applies to different segments and sizes. Although for different reasons, we have from small merchants to large multinationals betting on this strategy. While the former normally sees this solution as a way to acquire new clients with a much cheaper investment, the latter already finds in digital a way to measure their results and optimize their investments. In addition, of course, to reinforce the inherent authority of the brand. And it is precise with this intention that Sonda began its strategy in 2016 which, after one year, culminated in an ROI (Return on Investment) of 352%.

Big Companies, Big Challenges

Sonda is the leading it services integrator in latin america. A multinational with a chilean parent company, thousands of employees. And very strong strategic partners. The marketing team is structured, with the main strategy being the execution. Of events to collect contacts and interact with existing customers. Over time, they have become more and more cmo email list experts in it, participating. In dozens of events throughout the year in the most diverse cities and countries. And the fact is that it worked very well, with all this logistics and effort paying off. Various contacts are generated and updated in. The crm for reps to manage and network with. It is that, as much as that was positive. The scope of marketing ended there and. The metering of the path passed by the contact was interrupted.

The Start of Inbound

cmo email list

In order to help marketing measurements and improve conversions in the sector, Sonda’s marketing team started the content strategy in August 2016. At first, the strategy focused on generating attractive content for the blog and creating a stronger position against competitors, who were not yet using content marketing. With a dedicated team and operational capacity, Sonda’s blog began to bear fruit quickly, and visitors were soon able to work CG Leads better and be updated in the CRM, integrating the company’s on and off strategy. The new strategy was extremely relevant, it did not change the flagship of Sonda’s strategy, which was holding events. In reality, this only complemented and further clarified how important this strategy was and made it easier to work with leads generated through outbound.

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