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When I was young, I did join the American electrician company as a flexible talent, and later changed。At that time, it was relatively young, and it was more important for career development. I hope to have a long-term stable job, so I was also joining。This time the choice is different. I made it clearer that I want to be a flexible person Image Manipulation Service to meet the challenge. In this general direction, I hope to reach more industries, absorb new knowledge, and maintain a learning mentality. This is flexible employment. Give me the opportunity。MP: This time, through Michael Page, I will introduce to international large retail companies to be flexible talents.

What is the main responsibility?? How do you feel?

Image Manipulation Service

SH:I am now responsible for the online of a new product, from the beginning of the design to listen to business needs, to actually understand the business, to discover pain points, to the online, to improve operational efficiency through digital products, and to make short-term and medium-term plans for product development。This series of work is responsible and involved。Entering a different industry is still very challenging and full of freshness。

MP: In addition to trying new things, are there some practical benefits for being flexible?

SH:If you are confident in your personal abilities, flexible talent is actually a better choice, on the one hand yoursSalary treatment. It will be higher than long-term fixed employees, and secondly you have more free time to control CG Leads the arrangement, and you don’t need to worry about office politics。If you don’t need to make money steadily, it’s pretty good to be flexible。

MP: Michael Page once did a survey on the workplace96% of the respondents intend to be flexibleHowever, the instability of financial income is indeed a factor that many interviewees worry about。In addition, they are also worried that flexible work itself is unstable, affecting career development。Have you ever been so confused?

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