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More and more call tracking users are gradually moving to Google Analytics 4. And by default, only one goal for calls is transfer to this system – “All calls”. Which, you see, is uninformative. In this guide, Inna, Ringo stat tech support team leader , will tell you how to set up different goals for calls in Google Analytics 4 step by step. Reading time 9 minutes You can immediately jump to the desire section: Why set goals for calls What is important to consider Target setting for unique calls Target setting for all call categories Setting a target for miss calls If the settings describe below seem complicate to you or you are unable to repeat them.

Analyze How Campaigns Are Performing

Just getting startd with Google Analytics 4? Then we recommend articles that will quickly bring you up to date: “25 differences between Google Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics” ; “Google Analytics Why you should start using it now” . Why set goals Nepal Mobile Number List for calls Setting goals is necessary to visually evaluate the conversion of traffic into calls. While on your site, the user generates events . Including making calls – directly by dialing a fake phone number, or by ordering a call through callback . By setting goals, you can understand what kind of events they were. – the achievement of the “Call” goal. At Ringo stat.

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Redistribute The Budget

We always advise you not to limit yourself to the “All Calls” goal, but to set goals for different types of calls. Otherwise, you won’t see a clear picture of whether your ads are driving leads and not just traffic and conversions. A simple example: let’s say four people called the company in an hour: managers missed one call – and the person went to a competitor; the second call was spam; the third call was repeated – from a client who had already placed an order and was now calling to clarify the delivery time; the fourth, indeed, was from a potential buyer. If we evaluate such a situation according to the generalized goal “All calls”, we can calculate that four leads called. In fact, only one.

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