Ringo stat For Business Leaders And Owners

Get more orders for the same cost – reports will show which advertising works and which does not, this will allow you to reallocate the budget.

  • Find out how promotion investments pay off – Ringo stat will automatically calculate this for each launched activity.
  • Understand where the money is being lost: in marketing or sales – you will find out if advertising is not generating leads or salespeople are missing customers.
  • Evaluate the work of a promotion contractor or in-house marketer in terms of calls and advertising profitability.


Does the company have online advertising

If you do not advertise on the Internet, then the need to use call tracking is in question for you.

If the business is being promoted online, a staff member or contractors, such as an agency, may be responsible. In this case, you need to Senegal Mobile Number List clarify what type of advertising they use:

  • increasing the position of the site in search results (SEO);
  • contextual advertising (PPC);
  • advertising in social networks and SMM;
  • media advertising: banners, advertising in video content, and so on;
  • email marketing.

If necessary, you can see for yourself where and how many users come to the site. Google Analytics will help with this if it is connected to the site. On the main page of the service there is a report on traffic sources. It looks like this:

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How many site visitors per day

This question is important, because if there are few visitors to the site, then the number of conversions will be minimal. Of course, much depends on the specifics of the business. Sometimes the direction of work does not assume that many users will visit the site. In any case, this indicator must be known. Based on it, you can understand how potential users react to your product or service.

Daily traffic shows how many users can potentially be on the site at the same time. From the point of view of connecting call tracking, this indicator is also important in order to calculate the number of numbers for substitution.

You can see how many people visited the site per day in Google Analytics. This report is one of the basic ones and is displayed on the main page of the service. It looks like this:

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