Restalia: New Model of Digital Restaurants

The prognosis is as follows: the virtual world will expand, increasingly, integrating with the real world and thus creating a third reality called: remote reality, which is nothing more than the synchronization of the two worlds. It’s like being in Uruguay and driving a car by remote control in Spain, with no time difference. Virtual time is adjusting more and more to real-time and it is precisely from this new dimension that this business model is born, which we can call disruptive1.1 Rupture that imposes a model for its virtues, leaving the previous model obsolete.

Brief History of the Restaurant Business

The world of gastronomy, beverages and hotels is extremely important in the economy and restaurants (points of sale) are a key part of this system. Originally they were a place for travelers to make a stop in the middle of the road and, in this way, they could “restore” and then how to find ceo contact information continue their journey. If it was something quick, like drinking, for example, they did it directly at a stall that was next to the bar that was used to tie up the horses, which over time became a BAR, and if the traveler wanted to eat something he had the possibility of going to the RESTAURANT and, if in addition to that he also needed to sleep, on top of it, guest rooms were rented, what we now call HOTEL.

What is Restalia?

how to find ceo contact information

Restalia is a business group that manages a chain of gourmet fast food restaurant franchises and that managed to prevail over McDonald’s by applying a business model based on a strong Digital Marketing strategy. The public that invests money in gastronomic experiences is not only a demanding public but also highly digitized. For this reason, Restalia applied a process called Digital Transformation to facilitate all the processes that involve the use of mobile devices.franchisesBrewery 100 MontaditosIt is its main franchise, with Mediterranean dishes, based on the idea that fast food is not just “hamburgers”. It can also be CG Leads a potato omelet accompanied by a gran Reserva ham or a garlic loin with homemade mayonnaise and, of course, you can always order tomato with fresh cheese and extra virgin oil.

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