Responsibilities: What Does a Marketer Do

A marketer is a specialist who studies the market in order to determine its current features and form a market strategy for a group of goods that is of interest to him.

The tasks of a marketer vary greatly depending on the business. For example, working in a store, a specialist must know the features of the product layout, the influence of the interior, the placement of shelves and even smells on sales growth. His SaaS colleague needs very different skills. He must understand digital marketing, contextual advertising, SEO. But  there are also common responsibilities for most marketers, which we will discuss below.

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  • Prove to the management that the advertising you set up is effective — show the call tracking and end-to-end analytics reports.
  • Learn how to make your campaigns even more effective – analyze what potential customers are asking and what to add to your ads.
  • Control how the sales team processes the leads you Ireland Mobile Number List brought in – listen to audio recordings of calls and see reports of missed calls;
  • Get more value for the same budget — find out which campaigns are not working and turn them off or optimize them, and invest the freed money in the most successful activities.

A marketer is a versatile specialist, let’s consider in detail what the work of a marketer is.

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Development and launch of marketing activities

Everything that the product claims about itself is the work of the marketer:

  • advertising messages, slogans, slogans, ad text;
  • the plot of the video on TV or You tube, the text of the audio clip on the radio;
  • publications in the media aimed at building a brand image;
  • online advertising;
  • viral advertising – people may not even know that a particular brand is behind it.

Even the banner and flyer that the designer creates, he most often coordinates with the marketer. Or a marketing specialist initially comes up with a concept for them. It also tests various activities and identifies the most successful ones. Sometimes this even applies to the color palette of the site or the type of models that advertise the product. In a word, in whatever company a marketer works, his duties can be very different.

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