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Algorithm and link system updates – it is very important to check whether one of Google’s updates negatively affecte the amount of traffic to your website. Along with this test. Carefully examine your site’s link array and whether it is a high-quality or less-quality link array (which once may have helpe the ranking but today is reasonable and only harmful. Your brand rating – not infrequently, we forget (and not on purpose) our brand, so it’s worth checking if this is indee the case and also check if you receive a penalty or a manual action by Google. If your brand ranking drops regularly, check if your competitors offer their product or service under your name.

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Don’t forget the content If you’ve checke everything we Czech Republic Phone Number List mentione above and still haven’t identifie the source of the problem, it’s time to check your content , refresh it and thicken it.  Obviously, check that you don’t have duplicate content of any kind! Duplicate content is very bad and will bring with it unpleasant consequences – even if it is your content. There are quite a few technical glitches that can cause a decrease in the amount of organic traffic and you should check everything and fix any bug or glitch you find. Among the most important and common things we will find the indexing factors (maybe pages not indexe site spee (is your site not loading fast enough and various data problems (data synchronization not working.

Czech Republic Phone Number List

That Includes The Old Domain And

This was just a brief overview of various factors for the CG Leads decrease in traffic to the site, but it is very possible that everything is normal in all these tests and you still detect a drop in the amount of organic traffic to the site. What do you do if nothing works. Check your reputation – every now and then something happens that harms your reputation and you are completely unaware of it.

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