Product Marketing: How We Brought This Team to Life at Rock and Why You Should Consider Building One

The alignment between teams and the focus on results are essential for the success of a company. Learn how product marketing can help you achieve this scenario in your business and how we did it here at Rock! what does a product owner do. Does our team go through constant changes? By the way, this is very common in startups. I don’t remember spending more than 3 months sitting in the same place. And this is very important, it is exactly what makes this type of business grow so fast. We adapt to changing needs in a short time and end up gaining a lot of knowledge in this process, which can always be applied to try different things and discover new opportunities. About a year and a half ago.

First of All: What is Product Marketing?

Product Marketing, or Product Marketing, is a sector within Marketing, responsible for the intersection of 3 very important areas in any business: product, marketing, and sales. Some companies see Product Marketing in a different way — going a little further and taking care of the how to get brazil number for whatsapp support processes — however, we are going to deal with these 3 aspects that directly influence a person’s decision-making to choose your company. In this way, we prioritize, here at Rock, some points in particular: How we carry out the Marketing of our product/service and generate demand in this sense; How to improve the relationship between Marketing and Sales, not only in relation to the leads generated and how they reached the sellers but also.

Marketing Product and Bottom of the Funnel

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As you may have noticed, the Product (Product Marketing) has a very direct relationship with the bottom of the marketing funnel, a point that deserves a lot of attention. After all, you can have great lead attraction, and great conversion of these people into leads, but if you can’t convert these people into customers, you may be losing money. Source: DriftHere at Rock we have broadened that point of view a bit and we have also taken the central CG Leads part of the funnel (the conversion stage), to the Product Marketing sector, both to optimize the actions and to make the process more fluid. But regardless of how the migration and implementation of this sector is, the key is to understand that: Product Marketing exists to improve the bottom of the funnel when it comes to metrics, communication, conversion, sales pitch, and user experience.

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