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What your App does, since this arouses the interest of many users. As in the case of screenshots, in the Apple Store 3, you must make the videos available for both iPhone and iPad. Icon The icon of your application must be striking and without too many details. Avoid text messages. One of the strategies use in ASO that may be interesting for you is to A/B or even test between different icon designs. This will help you understand which one is doing better in the store, that is, which one generates more clicks and downloads. app size The maximum size that an app can be before it can be downloade by the public using only mobile data is 150 MB. Therefore, it is good that you do not exceed this limit or you may mess up your downloads.

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App Store Optimization processes, contact Australia Number Data us and talk to one of our experts. It will be a pleasure to assist you! SEO, an acronym for Search Engine Optimization, which in Portuguese means Search Engine Optimization, is a group of techniques that aim to place one or more landing pages among the best search engine results. In practical terms, it’s like ordering an Uber: you nee to turn on your cell phone’s GPS so your driver can find you. It is also like that with SEO. In other words, you need to make improvements to the content of your page so that it can be found more easily by those who perform a search on Google.

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It is possible to optimize the site so that it surpasses the others  one of the first pages of results, thus attracting the attention of users with the most relevant content for their searches. So how do you get top rankings for your brand? Read CG Leads on and learn all about SEO! applying seo How important is SEO? Every second, millions of searches are performed on search engines, especially on Google, the search engine that people use the most in the world. Today, users want to answer the most diverse questions of their day to day, from the hotel with the best ratings for their next trip to more specific and formal questions. However, it should be note that for the most part, you and all other Google users tend to pay attention only to the first few results of a search.

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