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Content is the most valuable thing we have on the internet today! If you are an amateur who produces your content out of passion, or if you already have a clear goal of monetization. But want to learn about new platforms to earn money ; in both cases, this post will help you. Internet is not only a means of entertainment and learning, for many it represents the main means of economic income. So you, who are in charge of producing content. Must know the value of your productions, so much so that you could earn money with what you publish. Once again, content marketing takes center stage. Because it is true that what will help you make rapid progress in ways to earn money online is the content strategy that you can create. The more creativity you have, the greater your opportunity to monetize.

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When you create content, the internet. Andy crestodina how to make money online? Platforms to monetize content are a springboard to start seeing the income you long for. Today theĀ Mexico Phone Number List portfolio of content that can be produced on the internet is varied: podcasts. Infographics, photographs, blogs, videos, e-books … This increases the uncertainty of producers when they ask themselves: what will be the best platform to earn money? The best will be the platform that suits your needs, and the needs of your buyer person.

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To give you some ideas, we will show you several options that will surely help you a lot. 7 platforms to earn money with your content 1.ivoox if you have a podcast , and you think CG Leads it already has enough strength to be your next income generator, ivoox is an option for you. This platform brings together more than 10 million audios, and is preferred by spaniards and spanish-speakers. In addition, it represents an option for those who want to host their productions. But also for those who are looking to earn money. How to monetize in ivoox? You have the option to create a community around your podcast; they must be willing to pay a subscription. In return you must create special content for your subscribers or offer to listen to the audio without advertising.

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