The Metaverse and only later in the physical world

Where we can feel the true taste of the drink. Gucci has created a perfect replica of its famous garden in the Metaverse, offering users an immersive experience in the world of fashion. Or even Nike, which made one of its latest releases also in this virtual environment. Why did these companies choose to launch into the metaverse first? The answer is relatively simple: Customer Experience ! It is no longer surprising to the vast majority of people that the best way to convince someone to buy is no longer through promotions or persuasion tactics.

Today in order to convince someone

To buy your product or service, you must first Vietnam Number Data come up with a customer experience-focused plan that will truly impress your audience and build an incredible sense of ownership. And if the purchasing power is online and you’re thirsty for new experiences, it makes perfect sense to throw your beer into the metaverse, even if people can’t taste it. intersection between two worlds Businesses will soon be faced with an inevitable reality. In which the physical world will come to life within the digital universe. Whether it is to sell experiences, consumption or work, companies.

Vietnam Number Data

will have to create the means for their employees

To carry out their daily activities within the metaverse. They will also need to offer differentiated experiences to get people to buy their products or services, but all of this brings us to a new reality. Actions to take CG Leads to ensure a “virtual” tomorrow that we can all take advantage of. Business leaders need to start thinking about new strategies today, exploring potential new products and services. They need to create training programs for their executives and employees. New technologies will be the foundation of their business. A basic framework will have to include a very robust and well-organized cloud. Rebuilding your software and applications using cloud resources and APIs that can be easily used by third parties.

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