Personal Branding: Understand the Importance of Establishing Your Personal Brand

Personal branding is the management of your personal brand, acting and positioning yourself in such a way that your audience clearly understands who you are and what you offer. For that, you must know what you want to be remembered for and work on that image well. Do you worry about your personal branding or do you think that establishing your personal brand is synonymous with self-promotion? Have you already thought about the big difference that taking care of your brand can make in your career as a content producer, especially if you are a freelancer? I did, and I didn’t understand anything about it. For this reason, I proposed a conversation with Juliana Saldanha, a specialist in positioning and communication strategies for personal brands.

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is the management of your personal brand, acting and. Positioning yourself in such a way that your audience. Clearly understands who you are and what you offer. That is, you must know exactly what you want to be remembered. For and work to design that image for your audience. When we think of digital nomadism. For example, it is inevitable to cryptocurrency email list remember matheus de souza. The same happens with content marketing and vitor peƧanha. And if you’ve already taken our web content production course, I’m sure you associate. Writing for the web with luiza drubscky. These three are examples of very well built personal brands. But don’t worry, you. Don’t need to become a top voice on linkedin.

What is the Difference Between Personal Marketing and Personal Branding?

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For Juliana Saldanha, the best way to clarify this difference is by making an association between the two concepts applied in companies: “When you think of brands like Uber, Starbucks, NASA, McDonald’s, Zara, some reaction, feeling or thought comes to mind, be it CG Leads positive or negative. This emotional response caused by an image or name of a company, product or person, in particular, is called brand, or brand, and its management, branding. On the other hand, marketing can be understood as the art of satisfying customer needs. It is a set of tools that work together so that the product service reaches the market.

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