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The tool has gone through some upgrades like any Google tool at any time. And its main purpose is to help website owners or administrators manage. The way the website appears in Google’s search results. Ha and.. this is a free tool of course. A connection of these two Google tools opens up a new world of information. Which should be drawn on and known. Among the other advantages of the connection of both is the ability to see how the site is ranke in the various difficult queries on Google, to see tangibly the numbers of how many surfers click on the site directly from Google, to see the sources of traffic and much more. In order to connect the two tools, an account must be opene in the search console first. At this stage you should already have a Google account Gmail. and similarly to Analytics, you can open an account in the console.

To Define The Marketing Channels And

Go to the website: Google Search Console at:/webmasters/ and verify your Lebanon Phone Number List website using any of the possible options. Connecting the search console to the analytics account Adding a sitemap After you have configure the search console, generate a sitemap and upload it to the console so that it is easy for Google to find all the pages of your website and index them. Adding a sitemap And now for the important step, which is the connection between analytics and the console: access your analytics account and follow the following steps: admin property management search console . Follow the instructions until the connection between the two is complete. Connection between analytics and the console As soon as the connection is complete.  You will immediately be grante access and exposure to additional information that was blocke to you before, including reports explaine below.

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Traffic Sources And Thus You Can View

If you run a sponsore campaign in AdWords, connect the CG Leads AdWords account in addition. Connecting AdWords to Analytics Managing a campaign funde by Google’s AdWords. Allows you to advertise on the search results pages and at all of Google’s partners and we are talking.  About a lot of sites.. If you do not intend to advertise in AdWords, this step is not so relevant for you.  But if we are honest, it is likely that you will advertise in AdWords, so do not skip this step.

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