Paper Equip yourself with the necessary materials

How to make a mind map on paper Equip yourself with the necessary materials: an A3 or A4 white sheet, a pencil, colored pencils or markers. Prefer A4 format for better readability of information. This is important for a mind map! How to make a mind map with Canva. For your mindmapping, you can use Canva , the ultra-easy-to-use graphic design software. It is free and accessible online. The advantage of Canva is its easy handling and intuitive character. _Example Mind map Use this template It is very easy to copy, paste, drag items. You also have thousands of free images at your disposal to illustrate your ideas. It is also possible to create a collaborative map.

Canva can be used to create your mind map from scratch

Canva can be used to create your mind map from scratch, or to lay out an already made map to insert into a document or presentation. It is very Philippines Photo Edito easy to achieve a professional result in a short time and without being a graphic designer. You can also use an online mind map template. How to make a mind map with software? There is also free or paid software specially designed for mind mapping: FreeMind, XMind, Bubbl for example. This type of mind map software gives the ability to categorize and organize ideas based on their importance, priority, and strength. 10 cases where the mind map is an indispensable tool 1. The mind map for brainstorming During a brainstorming, a concept map provides an immediate vision of the elements brought by the collaborators.

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Observe issues from a holistic perspective

This is important to stimulate creativity and observe issues from a holistic perspective. Mind_map-image8 The mind map, effective for CG Leads brainstorming – Source: Canva image library 2. Mindmapping to explain (professors, project managers) In the case of a complex organization of ideas, the mind map is an attractive graphical representation summarizing a large amount of information in a clear presentation. Not to mention that you can add images or links if the format is digital. You can, for more information, consult the article published on Pedagogical notebooks dealing with mindmapping in schools. Mind_map-image9 A simplified mind map for project management – Source: Optimind 3. Mind Map for IT Development We can also use the mind map for computer development or the creation of websites.


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