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Who should use dynamic ads? You choose who will view your ads This way you will get more people to view your landing page. You will get more responses Increasing. The amount of your followers Drive desecration for custom action LinkedIn advertising: step by step. The first thing is to create an account and a company page this is if you don’t have one yet of course. Although it is supposedly easy and simple to create an account. Here are some tips that are worth their weight in gold because eventually. Your target audience will go to these pages and check you out.

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Your profile and company page should look as good and Guatemala Phone Number List correct as possible. Setting up an administrator account on LinkedIn 2 – Select ad type From the total types of ads, it’s time to choose the type of ads you want and prefer. Create a complete and complete campaign, using all three existing types of ads, in order to produce a very powerful campaign and one that will succeed in reaching as far as possible. Choosing an ad type on LinkedIn Next, choose a name for your campaign, choose the language of the target audience and the call to action option for sponsored content ads. LinkedIn campaign  – Create your ad Creating ads is like a walk in the park with the help of the campaign manager.

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Manager Will Show You How Your Ads Are

With help for ad sizes and tips along the way. Below are examples CG Leads of creating text ads: Creating an ad on LinkedIn 4 – Target your ad This is a very important step – put some thought into it. Choose the targeting options that are most suitable for you. The targeting options are: location selection, company names, position type, names of educational institutions and other filters. Save your selections as a template so you can target more quickly in your next campaigns.

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