Organization and structure are paramount

This is indeed an area where logic, organization and structure are paramount. The mental map can become a strategic working tool to come to the rescue of the web programmer ! Mind_map-image10 The usefulness of the mind map for web programmers – Source: 4. The mind map to revise and promote mnemonic learning Students, how about using the mind map to revise? Remember that this is a great way to synthesize information around a subject, but also to assimilate and memorize it. 5. The concept map for note taking (meetings, courses) We often need to take notes, whether in meetings or in class. Mindmapping is a very effective creative method for summarizing, getting to the point and mapping information into a readable and easy to remember document.

write the keywords on each branch and sub-branch

Screenshot 2019-05-24 at 11.51.32 Click on the image to access Cyril Maitre’s video on mindmapping for note taking. 6. The mind map to identify Clipping Path Service keywords The mind map is also useful for identifying keywords. Indeed, you must search and write the keywords on each branch and sub-branch, not to mention that a keyword derives from other keywords. Mind_map-image11 Explain the usefulness of mindapping with a mental map – 7. Mindmapping for your visual presentations Note that it is also possible to slightly modify a mind map to integrate it into a visual presentation, a brochure or a website such as an infographic . It’s easy to get a nice layout by creating a mind map online. MARKETING MIND MAP Use this template.

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To present ideas Presenting your ideas gives you

Mind mapping to present ideas Presenting your ideas gives you the opportunity to observe all the ideas gathered around a project and to weave CG Leads links between them easily. It’s a good way to have an overall view of a set of ideas. 9. A mind map to summarize a book Again, the mind map takes advantage in summarizing the content of the book. You can understand the relationships between the characters and the ideas expressed. For example, it is possible to write down the basic ideas, characters, places, key words and short sentences taken from the book. 10. Concept Map for Mathematics How to put a math lesson on an A4, to then put this A4 in the minds of pupils and students? A mind map can summarize a lesson, synthesize a theme, help to better understand. Mind_map-image13 The mind map used for math – Source. ds to bore them rather.

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