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Import data from all systems and databases. Conduct employee training : organize a workshop, provide detailed and understandable instructions, pause other urgent and important tasks. Enter a system of motivation based on the development of a new “job”. If an integrator helps with the implementation of CRM, he will help and train employees. conclusions 1. CRM is a system that helps manage work, automate monotonous, repetitive processes, and build long-term relationships with clients. And because of this, sell more.2. Without CRM, employees spend a lot of time on routine and manual labor, miss calls and lose leads. And managers do not see a single and complete statistics. They cannot control the work of their subordinates and make development plans.

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Features of most popular CRMs: fixing calls and orders; setting and monitoring the implementation of tasks; reminders for scheduled calls, presentations and meetings; keeping statistics; storage of data about each buyer: numbers and postal Cambodia Mobile Number List addresses, correspondence and even records of telephone conversations. 4. The most important criterion for choosing CRM is the exact correspondence of the system to the specifics of the business. Field of activity, scale, strategic objectives. The first stage of CRM implementation is in-depth analysis and formulation of business goals. 5. Other important criteria for choosing CRM: functionality that matches current tasks, availability of ready-made integrations, cloud or boxed servers, flexibility of settings, the ability to “twist” the functionality, ergonomics and convenience.

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A comparison table will help you analyze several CRMs and make a choice in favor of the most suitable one. A step-by-step CRM implementation plan must necessarily include the preparation and description of business processes, testing of various systems, and staff training.We take the names of all unique campaigns that are active now. We unload them on a sheet with a visual representation. Specify the planned budget, which is assumed for each of them. After that, the amount actually spent on the campaign is pulled up to the dashboard. This opportunity is provided by unloading from Google Ads. And then the formula calculates how much the planned data differs from the actual data. difference between planned and actual data Have you noticed that one of the campaigns has an excess budget.

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