How to Create an Online and Offline Advertising Memory Plan?

Today, advertisements on phones tend to be more remembered 54% of the time because it is a channel with fewer competitors. How to take advantage of it? Did you know that a crucial part of sales is related to online and offline advertising recall plans? At least this is what concludes a report presented by the consultancy Zenith. This report adds that consumers only pay attention to two out of every 10 ads they see, thanks to a phenomenon of visibility. It proposes that for the user only those ads that remain on their screens for at least one second are important. That’s right, our attention time is reduced day by day due to the agglomeration of brands trying to get our attention, so we must optimize every last detail of our creativities. Furthermore, most marketing studies say that consumer decisions are based on memory.

The Importance of Advertising Recall in Today’s Market

There are two types of polarized attitudes: Individuals who spontaneously remember your adsPeople who belong to that conglomerate who won’t remember who you are or what you have to offer them. This is when you really realize how important memory is for the success of advertising since your sales and stability depend on it. The higher the level of audience engagement with your buy business email list ads, the more effective your ads will be, and this all depends on recall in today’s market. In this sense, your ads must have the necessary pragmatic load so that the individuals who consume them can process the elements that you project at a greater level of depth. Otherwise, your advertising will become secondary and superficial for them.

06 Tips to Create an Effective Promotional Souvenir

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Here are some options to boost effective ad recall: Mobile phones have a greater visual and memory impact. In fact, statistics indicate that advertisements on phones tend to be more remembered 54% of the time. The CG Leads more personal the contact with the user and the devices, the higher the memory ratio you will obtain. In addition, the mobile saturation is much lower. Not having a website adapted to smartphones reduces recall by 20%. Pre-roll video is the ideal format for recall, as it increases this rate by 58% higher than any other format. Don’t you know what a pre-roll video is? Surely you have ever seen an advertisement on YouTube. Well, a pre-roll ad is one that comes out before the video content.

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