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How accurately you describe your business depends on the correct display of the page to potentially interested users and coverage. Upload a logo and create a cover For the main photo, the brand logo is suitable. It will be displayed next to the page title in all posts and comments. It is with him that subscribers will associate your company. The cover photo is the first thing visitors to your page see. If possible, do not use stock images. Choose a photo that speaks about your brand values ​​- a high-quality image of your product, a photo of your store, a creative of the current advertising campaign. Your cover photo is the first thing visitors to your page see. Create sections Each Facebook page can have several main tabs: home; services; reviews; score; suggestions; a photo; Events; other.

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You can turn any tabs on or off, and change the order in which they appear on the page. And fill the selected tabs with content. For example, ask loyal customers to leave reviews, schedule events, or connect a store to a Facebook page: how to Jamaica Mobile Number List connect shop to facebook page: Collect Key Phrases eywords are important not only for websites, but also for pages on social networks. In order for buyers to find your page, make it relevant to user queries and Facebook search algorithms. Think about what words and phrases potential buyers use to search for your product or service on a social network. Assemble the semantic core and include the most important key phrases in: page name.

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If it does not contradict the brand positioning; short description of the page; content. “Information” section on the Ringostat page The “Info” section of the Ringostat page contains keywords in the title and description Add CTA Buttons One of the most important features of a business page is the placement of a button with a call to action: more; subscribe; order; book; call; send a message; go to the store. This will help you get conversions right on the social network. Each button can be associated with a specific page on the site or a form where the user will go after clicking and perform the target action.

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