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Installing a template After installing the WordPress system, it’s time to install the template and actually create the website in the design you want. There are quite a few free templates or you can purchase a specific template. Here is the place to find out that there are also free premium templates and their support is quite good. In order to install a template, go to the templates menu under “Appearance”. in the administration system and click on add new. Upload the desire template and check it before activation – just to be on the safe side that everything is fine. You can run a template directly from WordPress or upload the template from your computer.

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We are on our way! The stages of establishing the site are Peru Phone Number List stages in which you don’t really want surfers to come to your site and think that this is how the site should look and not return to it again. In order to prevent this phenomenon, all you have to do is set up a page calle Coming Soon and it will prevent surfers from entering the site and allow you to work on the site. Here too there are quite a few plugins. That know how to do the job for you in a few minutes and our recommende one is Launcher. Launcher Setting up such a page is a smart choice since the surfers will also know about your existence and will look forward to the completion of the site construction and it will not make them not want to enter your site in the future.

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We recommend that you save this plugin for times CG Leads when you will work on the site and do not want the surfers to be expose to the work process. 45. Adding RSS Feeds are very important for site syndication and aggregation. After installing WordPress, check your site in the feeds. The url of the feeds does not have to be the main url but a subdomain or some subfolder. If you want to increase the exposure of your website. You can subscribe to several feed directories and don’t forget FeedBurner of course. FeedBurner Log in to Feedburner’s website and open an account so that. You can increase the exposure of your website every time you publish new content.

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