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In case it is less understandable, we emphasize that this is a map that demonstrates the parts of the site that the surfer views. This type of heatmap is more complex and consequently more expensive. Its implementation is also more complex thanks to all the software and technologies involved in order to produce the map. The importance of heat maps With the help of the information obtained from the maps, quite a lot of information can be deduced, the conversion ratio can be improvd and of course the website itself can be improved and optimized . So what information can be obtaine from the maps.

Conversions And Website Design

Here is a brief overview: Location of important information Iceland Phone Number List What would we like to have clicks on the site Do the paddle buttons actually work? What really works on the site and what doesn’t Which elements on the page are unnecessary and should be remove Do the “instructions” really motivate an action that ends in a sale or conversion With the help of the heat maps, the site can be edit and designe in such a way that it will convert as much as possible and be effective for its surfers. The maps will teach the site owner or manager which areas of the site work best and, in addition, whether the existing site design is the best or should be replace or change.

Iceland Phone Number List

Gone Are The Days Of Guessing What

The five ways to increase site conversions using heatmaps 1. Improving CG Leads website images 2. Reducing the cart abandonment rate without making a purchase 3. Maximize the position of the paddle buttons for operation 4. Improving the website design 5. Improving the visibility of the content and the content itself on the site The maps help to understand and study the behavior of surfers and with the help of all the information extracte from them, you learn how to improve the site and its conversion rate.

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