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So read on and find out what they are! content quality The first and most important factor of all, although Google does not speak about it officially, is the quality of the content, that is, the relevance that your page has for a certain search. Therefore, when creating an SEO method, this should be the central concern. Thus, when setting up a page or creating content, it is necessary to deliver useful and relevant information that responds in a real way to the user’s demands and answers their questions. Sensitivity Google itself has already state that it prioritizes the position of sites that are mobile or have responsiveness. This importance comes from the company’s understanding that it is necessary to provide the best possible experience to its users, regardless of the device use.

Therefore it is essential that your business

Has responsive sites or fully mobile versions, so that Google can better rank your web pages. in the page On the page are all the changes that take place within the pages and that Google algorithms recognize as good SEO practices Belgium Number Data since they allow the robots to know what their content is about. There are several items that nee to be check however, among the main ones we can mention: domain authority, page performance, site architecture, off page, brand mentions, social signals and backlinks. using the notebook to program What are the types of SEO? There are two types of SEO: On Page and Off Page.

Belgium Number Data

Next we will explain each of them in more detail

SEO on the page SEO On Page refers to everything that is within the page in question, to improve the user experience and make reading the site by Google simpler and more intuitive. This process must be taken into account when CG Leads roducing content, as it is part of content marketing. The main channel to apply On Page SEO strategies is the blog of your website, since it is the page where the greatest amount of eucational content is concentrate, in Google. SEO On Page is base on some factors, such as: user intent With SEO, you create content that is exactly what your audience wants to find. To do this, you nee to do a good keyword search to find out what your person is looking for and improve the position of your page so that it is the first one that they are intereste in reading.

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