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We understand that the importance of the content is immeasurably high. [contact-form-7 404 “not found”] Below is what you as website owners or administrators should take care of in order not to be harme by Rankbrain: 1. Quality content – make sure to create quality content on your website, content that meets the needs and questions of the surfers and not superficially. 2. Follow -up – monitor the movement of your website and the conversions that take place on it and look for ups and downs in order to understand whether your efforts are indeed bearing fruit or not.

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Thinking ahead – although there is still no indication of Thailand Phone Number List an impact on the ranking (but it is likely that it will in the future), still make sure to make your content clearer and easier to understand by the Google algorithm using what is calle schema markups. Our conclusions When RankBrain was develope and launche, there was tremendous excitement and one might say exciting – and this is because it introduce the AI ​​that everyone was talking about directly into Google’s algorithm. There is no doubt that Google continues to develop and develop and will make additional uses of artificial intelligence, all in order to continue to improve search engine results and the relevance of the results obtaine to the various queries.

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The moment came and Facebook launche, with fanfare, its CG Leads attribution tool and its name: Facebook Attribution Tool. This is a completely free tool from Facebook and its purpose is to provide a more holistic view of the journey that the customer goes through on Facebook and beyond. Facebook Attribution Tool And what do we have to say about him.. quite a bit, but a moment before it is important to note a few things: We are excite to introduce you to the tool, but remember that it is new to Facebook, which is still working on it, and will likely improve it for us as well, we are still learning to get to know it ourselves and understand all its benefits.

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