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Imagine that you are offering a product to your friends and relatives. Thematic group Many thematic groups arise spontaneously and exist thanks to the initiative of participants connected by common interests. But some groups are purposefully created by brands to attract potential buyers. For example, a parent group can be created by an online store for children’s goods. A book club may be owned by a publisher, and a travel club by a tour operator. Participants communicate, exchange interesting ideas, share funny pictures. And from time to time they see content from the owner of the group – useful or advertising. What do thematic groups on Facebook look like.

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Posting as an administrator of the Content Marketing group How you can use the theme group for business: as a blog – to create useful content and native advertising; as a forum or chat – for communication; as an additional sales Indonesia Mobile Number List channel – for example, you can make special offers “only for group members”; as a source of feedback, a place for collecting feedback on the product and service; as a community of brand fans – to build long-term relationships; as a tool for training, counseling, support. The group, as a way to promote a business, has disadvantages: it is impossible to make publications on behalf of the group – only on behalf of a member or administrator; group posts are almost never shown in the news feed; group members often turn off group event notifications.

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The group cannot be advertised; group statistics are limited. Since paid promotion is impossible, at first you will have to spend a lot of time and effort on the organic development of the group: invite participants; create chats and topics; maintain communication; come up with contests and give away gifts; moderate the posts of the participants. At the same time, do not abuse advertising posts, especially at the beginning. But over time, the brand will be able to use the community to promote their products or services. “Of course, followers are cool. But have you ever tried growing an entire community?” Source Public page The public page is the most understandable and effective tool for positioning and brand promotion on Facebook.

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