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Domain change challenges in the SEO process There is no doubt that a domain change has an impact on all your website promotion efforts. The question is, how much will this change affect the site’s performance or how much will it slow down and/or harm the site’s progress. For new website owners, and those who do not yet specialize in SEO, it will probably take more time to understand the implications of a domain change, for example: if you moved to a new domain, and sold the previous domain name, you inevitably lost the links you gained alongside the reputation the domain gained and gained them during the years Another meaning is that the organic traffic will probably suffer a drop following the transition to the new domain.

As Soon As The Domain Is Established

Furthermore, if you did not make correct references as Cambodia Phone Number List part of the transition between the domains, the loss of organic traffic will be immediate. Also, surfers who enter a certain page, or search for a certain page, will come across a 404 page (error page) and this harms the user’s experience. Another important thing to do is to correctly schedule the transition to the new domain from Google’s point of view. It is important to understand, a new domain means 0 visibility! And so will Google treat it.
A great video that will explain the whole process to you.

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Make It Live Enter The Google Search

A huge and equally important challenge is duplicate CG Leads content. Your website is already undergoing a massive change process and the last thing you want is for Google to flag it as a new website with duplicate content . One way to deal with this is by using a canonical URL tag. Experienced, calculated website owners and those who know what they are doing will never risk losing their quality score, or the quality of their links. Therefore and accordingly, the best way to deal with domain migration is to follow “Google rules” and follow the process closely and regularly. Sometimes the smallest mistake can cost the most.

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