New Vertical Video Format on Youtube, Did You Already Know the News?

Hi how are you? Another week that arrives with its breaking news and, as usual, here you can find out everything before and better. And the great news is that now you can also earn money with the vertical position. Que! Yes, I know it sounds strange, but it doesn’t mean that they will pay you to get out of bed, none of that, we are referring to the fact that YouTube presented its new Vertical Videos Ads format at DMEXCO. And this is precisely what this update seeks, that companies also enter this trend when producing their advertisements. The first step was the adaptation to overcome the main barrier: configuring the vertical mobile on the horizontal desktop.

Dmexco: Tomorrow Happens Today

DMEXCO is the most important meeting on technology and digital business. It takes place in Cologne, Germany on an annual basis. It is what is called a ” meeting” where the meeting of the key players of the industry, marketing and technology is possible to adjust the digital agenda. Its Guatemala phone number example own organizers define themselves as an “ecosystem of seminars, debates and exhibitions that outline the future of the digital economy and drive market value”. In its last edition it gathered forty thousand visitors, more than a thousand exhibitors, and five hundred speakers. And it was precisely at that event that YouTube presented its new commitment to the user experience: integrate vertical videos with paid ads to, in this way, increase profits by mitigating the effect of interruptions with advertising.

The Vertical Ephemeral

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The subject of recording with the cell phone vertically or horizontally may seem like an unimportant issue but it has already destroyed several browsing experiences due to its difficulty in adapting to other types of screens. In the beginning, we visualized more and filmed less, but little CG Leads by little with the appearance of “ephemeral” content, the famous Stories, we began to film more and, in this way, visualize much more. As the number of everyday filmmakers increases, vertical filming obviously also increased, it is easier to film with the cell phone in that position. To capture a moment of your day that, for example, you want to share on a network, you must be agile, which is why this format is prevailing.

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