The Old Domain To The New Domain

One of the most important skills to adopt in the world of SEO is to recognize a decrease in the amount of organic traffic reaching your website. Identifying such a decline will allow you to anticipate future declines and adjust your promotional strategy to prevent it. In addition, this ability to identify will give you the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work in regards to organic traffic – and that, friends, is just as important! Growing market – growing competition If your site is in a competitive environment of any kind, there is a great chance that your competitors simply caused your sites to go down or rather to increase their sites. This type of decline can be detected by carefully examining the first results on Google.

Creating A Sitemap For The Old Domain

Compare your CTR using the search console for at least two Cyprus Phone Number List periods. Compare results against the competition – where are you compare to the competition in your important search terms. Check if there is a new competitor that has emerge that may be biting your traffic. Adopt tactics that worke for competitors and make sure to increase your traffic and not just settle for your previous amount of traffic but strive for more. Search results – even if your location hasn’t changed, look at the first page of results, what has change? Are there more shopping ads for example? This is one scenario where your location stays the same but you get less traffic.

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Console And Verify Both Domains

Squinting to the sides – consider starting to promote less CG Leads competitive keywords but those that can definitely generate more traffic to the site. A decrease in the amount of organic search. Check your visibility One of the almost automatic assumptions is that the rating has droppe and therefore the traffic has decrease, but this is definitely not an assumption that you want to make automatically, but check it carefully. Check your competitors again and this time compare your site to them, is there perhaps a change in the rankings to your detriment and the competitor who was ranke lower than you, manage to climb above you? If so, examine the content of that competitor and compare to your content.

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