Mystery Shopper: What is the Study of the Mysterious Client

The Mystery Shopper is a professional hired to measure the level of quality of customer service in a company. Whether in a digital company or in a physical store, its function is to carry out actions that a common customer would have to know where the consumer experience can improve. what is a mystery shopper? Have you already stopped to think about the importance of evaluating the quality of the attention that your company offers to the client? It does not matter if it is small, medium or large, your company needs to be attentive to the attention paid, mainly when considering the changes in consumer behavior, which every day more have as an ally to the Internet. Access to social networks has made the relationship between consumers.

What is the Mystery Shopper?

The mystery customer is a costumed customer who passes himself. Off as a regular customer to make an assessment of the attention. That a certain company or brand pays to the consumer. This kuwait phone number methodology was conceived as mystery shopper, spread in american retail. Companies in the 1940s, and has been increasingly used by companies to correct. Flaws and improve business results. Also known as a hidden client or secret client. This person is hired by the company with the specific objective of evaluating. The consumer’s experience with the brand and their. Behavior in the interactions they have with the company.

How Does the Mystery Shopper Work?

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This professional has to analyze all the details of the purchase experience. Such as the following: customer support, physical or virtual. Space of the store, sales processes, quality of the service provided. Payment conditions and delivery of products and services. Therefore, this professional CG Leads acts completely anonymously to analyze. The processes and regulations of the companies and bring new suggestions. Of ideas from visions of what he perceives. The mysterious customer can act by. Making visits to the establishment and still verify the service through. All the channels that the company offers: online actions.

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