Mwc Barcelona 2019: Discover the Main Novelties in the World of Mobile Devices

Ladies and gentlemen, the future is already past! On February 28, the 2019 edition of the MWC, which takes place in Barcelona every year, ended. A fair of technological launches that focuses on mobility. In order for the whole world to be connected we need open source code to create software, devices to use those programs and an extremely fast wireless network to upload data and achieve high definition. Almost everything was present, only missing… in the end we will see. Let’s go together to take a quick look at what’s new and reflect on what they have to do with digital marketing. Can you come with us? open codes Before it was about selling software, today the issue is to facilitate its creation and move it at high speed through the network. Linux had its own stand for the first time at MWC Barcelona.

Durable and Foldable Mobile Phones

Huawei matexhuawei, the chinese communications company. Was one of the highlights. His huawei mate x model was the design that. He loved the most. A unique screen that folds in half, but in the opposite. Direction to a book, the screen is on the outside, that was. The get a dubai phone number most striking point of the design. A tablet that transforms into. A smartphone, when it is folded the back turns off, when it opens automatically. The screen expands, with fast charging, 8 inches with. A resolution of 2480 x 2200 pixels and with a 5g chip. All this for only 2,299 euros. Samsung foldable in the form of a book, it is actually a 2 in 1, closed. It has an external screen for smartphone functions, open an internal screen for. Tablet functions. The device also has two batteries. While the galaxy fold is amazing.

Energizer P18k Pop

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And to close the ugly duckling but it lasts longer. You will not find the word nomophobia in the dictionary, it is the fear of running out of battery. Energizer presented 26 models of smartphones, one of them, although it looks like a brick, lasts 50 days without having to charge.5GThe fifth generation of the Internet, although it is on everyone’s lips, is still not on anyone’s cell phone. This CG Leads technology is expected to be implemented in the United States, China, Japan, and South Korea by 2019. All the advances presented are ready to receive it and it will surely make its triumphant appearance at MWC Barcelona 2020.

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