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Examining the site’s traffic in terms of device types will yield information on whether the site is functioning properly and what needs to be improve. Below is the path to the desecration of the report: Audience > Mobile > Overview Analysis of surfers by device The next step will be to enter the desire date range. All the information will be uploade immediately and you can compare performance between the different types of devices. Examine which device works better and remember that traffic from mobile phones works a little less well than traffic from computers.

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This report provides conversion information per device, but Malaysia Phone Number List unlike the channels report, it is not possible to dig deeper into the type of channel and what happene in it from each device. If you also want to view device browsing data in terms of marketing channels, this should be segmente in the channels report. If you want to perform the segmentation, run a channels report and add a new segment button at the top of the screen.. Choose the type of device you want to test and click Apply and remove the All Sessions segment.

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At this stage, you can examine how each channel CG Leads functions according to the type of device. If you wondere why it is important to connect the search console, you are about to find out now.. SEO traffic reports Search engine optimization reports will help you understand how surfers reach you directly from the various search results pages. Here we will just make sure that you have indee connecte Google Analytics with the console, otherwise this report will not work.. SEO reports come in three different types, below.

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