Micro Influencers a New Element in Digital Marketing

We all know that marketing bases its entire technique on a simple axiom: human beings are impressionable. And the great novelty of the moment is a way of influencing through a new figure that is gaining more and more relevance, with you the character of the moment: the micro-influencer. It is that the issue of social networks, added to the facilities to produce content and, in turn, added to the access to knowledge of Digital Marketing has allowed some people through a Blog or a YouTube channel, for example, to have between 5,000 to 100,000 followers. These figures that reach a niche audience, that is, slightly smaller communities, but with more specific interests and with a high level of interaction, are a true competitive advantage.

Who is the Micro Influencer?

It is an ordinary internet user who expresses himself through. Some social network or blog on strictly segmented. Topics such as gastronomy, hotels, tourism, music, and theater, among other things. He publishes all his impressions about the experiences he lives and. His audience accompanies him and interacts with him. He is not famous, but he is known by some; he is not a movie or tv star. But he has a following on his social media page. Work locally, on a Italy phone numbers smaller scale. In a given city, creating content that inspires your followers and. Achieves the most precious: moving the public, not large amounts, but enough. To increase the sales of your business. Due to their more defined identity traits. These types of “micro-influencers” are gradually displacing the concept. Of mega-influencers, to the point that klout, the famous platform that. Calculated the popularity index, stopped working this year.

Why Micro-influencer ?

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Utility – Advertise you. The micro-influencer found a vein of gold, his own channel and stands out in it, achieving great adhesion. So if he incorporates your brand into his posting routine, more people will know about you. Energy – Win to win. The micro influencer brings an energy of enthusiasm because for him it is also a great opportunity for unique experiences, he CG Leads also benefits, because he is invited to places, and he obtains discounts, benefits and special conditions. Link with the audience. The audience of a micro-influencer is receptive, faithful and has a high level of engagement, looking for value, content and trusts it as a reference to a pattern of good taste, as if it were a seal of quality.

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