May Fear Not Invade Us! Learn How to Recover Users Who Are Close to Unsubscribing From Your Newsletter

When creating an email marketing strategy, nothing is more motivating than seeing how your list of subscribers grows. Nobody likes to create a fantastic campaign for a few recipients, so a large number of subscribers is quite encouraging, and the possibility of higher results increases. Just as new subscribers motivate, when we see that a subscriber has unsubscribed from our list, this produces a negative feeling and sometimes becomes quite demotivating. However, you should not let this sentiment sway you, it is not because someone unsubscribes that you are doing a poor job in your newsletter strategy. It may be that the person simply solved her pain in another way or is no longer interested in your content, or, or, or…There can be infinite possibilities for a subscriber to stop being a subscriber and when that happens the solution is to try to discover the reason before feeling guilty.

How to Prevent a User From Canceling the Subscription?

Identifying inactive users is essential to prevent them from unsubscribing. For that, you can consult the reports of your email marketing automation tool and discover which of your subscribers are inactive. Once you have identified them, you must win them back. If you can obtain information about their behavior prior to their inactivity, much better, so you will know how to how to get a thai phone number deal with them more effectively. These subscribers are on your list because at some point they wanted to receive information about your content, so winning them back can be a not-so-difficult task, for that you can do the following.

Send Them a Special Email

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Send them an email to get their attention, starting with the subject line. Make a specific one for this group trying to get them to have activity again. email subject generator for the email you can choose any of the following options, or all together if you think it is necessary: Send them an incentivePersonalize the email you send them and give them a special incentive – but CG Leads really special – that you don’t normally give to your subscribers. It can be a discount, a trial or really valuable free stuff. Create a poll.This survey can be of great help to understand the reason for their inactivity. When making it, use your creativity and make it as attractive as possible.

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