[Material] Editable Spreadsheet to Develop the Sales Funnel

If what you want is to increase your results, I present to you the sales funnel: a strategic model, essential for companies that seek to close deals in a consistent and scalable way. A simple visitor does not become a customer overnight. There are some steps (not foreseeable, but possible) that he will go through until finally feeling ready and convinced that he wants to acquire your product or service. These steps may include first hearing about your business, discovering a need or pain, and researching the solution you offer…In Marketing, we define these stages as the Customer Day, which begins with the first contact with the company and ends with the completion of the sale. The concept of the sales funnel arose so that companies could not only accompany this process.

What is the Sales Funnel and Why You Should Document the Actions

You already know the importance of the funnel and now I imagine you are wondering what the strategy consists of. The sales funnel is divided into 3 major stages — top, middle and bottom of the funnel — where certain actions are launched in each of them. As an example, we can mention the collection of data through forms, such as name, email and telephone; the creation of content to educate the client and arouse their interest; marketing actions such as the activation of pop ups on the site or sales actions, such as a phone call. There email leads database is a wide variety of actions, and you must choose the most appropriate taking into account the profile of your business, your person and the market in which you operate. But there is something you will always.

Regardless of the Ones You Choose: Document

email leads database

Only a documented and organized funnel is capable of aligning actions, as well as the marketing and sales teams, and thus achieving results. After all, there is no way to carry out a strategy if you do not map the steps of your customers, and document every data and information, and every action taken within the funnel. It was with this in mind that we decided to share with you the CG Leads spreadsheet we use here at Rock, where we drive the actions of our clients’ sales funnel. It is a mine that will help you: Document relevant data of your business; Define what will be part of your funnel;Register your forms; Indicate the score of your customers; Determine the guidelines and objectives of your content.

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