Marketing for Customers: How to Conduct the Post-sale Day to Take Advantage of the Full Potential of Your Customers

It is necessary to understand the new marketing funnel to propose appropriate actions that have a positive impact on marketing strategies and customer relations, which can (and should) be allied. Understand everything on the subject! customer marketing. On May 10, 2018, Hubspot, the company whose founders developed the entire Inbound Marketing methodology, officially announced that the marketing funnel no longer corresponds to current needs, launching the ” Inbound flywheel ” concept. I like to translate this term as “marketing cycle” because I believe that it reproduces well the idea that I intend to unravel better throughout this text. And what does that mean for all of us dealing with marketing? Well, today we live in a world where people are highly connected, and the impact that they have on each other is not something that can be ignored.

Do You Really Understand the Importance of Your Customers?

And I’m not asking you maliciously. I know very well that every company exists exclusively because. Of its customers and there is nothing new in that. But it happens that to understand the true importance of bringing you real results. In the best possible way, you must understand all the potential. That they can bring you and the impact that a bad experience can cause them. To buy business list database start, I want to talk about the following: did you know. That the vast majority of companies lose close to 20% of their customers annually. Simply for not meeting relationship expectations? In figures, for the us market alone, that represents us$62 billion. Of loss due to the poor relationship with its customers. Have you already wondered if your company is part of this number?

Long-term Relationships Are Better for Everyone

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Having clients who have been in contact with your company for a long time is an excellent thing. At the end of the day, they not only help your business by making recurring purchases (which in itself is a very good thing) but also because they already know your business and the product/service you offer, meaning they need less help. And, at a minimum, this represents less CG Leads costs with support, education and others. Additionally, your own experienced customers can help new customers, creating a sense of community, which has intrinsic value. But this is not the only value of an old customer. Have you ever stopped to think that if he has been with you for a long time, it is because there is a market fit between the two of you?

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