Map of Topics for Social Networks: Learn About the Importance and Define Yours

Planning is an essential word when we talk about social media marketing. One of the pillars is the elaboration of a map of themes. Learn more about the subject and build your own! Social networks are essential in any digital marketing strategy. However, not all brands know how to converse with their audience effectively. Increasingly, we have accurate information about our people and we have the opportunity to understand them deeply. This allows us to produce relevant content for them and transform their ailments and desires into opportunities for companies. But it is not always so simple to transform what you know about your followers into relevant and fair content for each social network.

What is a Theme Map

Topic maps are used at various times and in various market sectors. They basically serve to group, categorize and organize information. Many times, they are used to help us understand some things, and it is exactly in this aspect that we use them in social networks. On this platform, a topic map works as a guide for your strategy. It helps us organize which issues are phone number germany relevant to you and encourages investment. One example we can give is Rock Content’s own topic map here: As you can see, we categorize which topics are attractive to our audience and we solve ailments in their routine. In our case, they range from Content Marketing (our product) to technology and news, topics of more general interest.

Why Do You Need a Topic Map?

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Low investment First of all, it is necessary to say that this strategy demands almost no monetary investment. And if you already have a professional who takes care of your social networks, the investment of time will not be so great, since, probably, this professional must already have a study of the buyer persona. Appropriate content. You’ve probably already been in a conversation where you didn’t know what was being talked about, much less care to CG Leads understand. And that’s how your users feel when you don’t take the time to find out what they like. Knowing how to curate your content on social networks or at any other point in your strategy is essential. And it may be what is missing for your strategy to take off and hook your users.

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