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Management-texture-terra-willy- Terra Willy, the new TAT feature film. How did you find the inspiration to create these alien textures. Most importantly, How much creativity? The share of research in the field.  We are obviously called to be inspired, to interpret. But the texture department still works closely with the other teams. Within the TAT. Most importantly, the graphic research department worked on Terra Willy for 3 years. Most importantly, After phases of creative research, followed by numerous tests, the ideas are submitted to the other teams, in particular the production. It’s a lot of group work, with many round trips, which ultimately lead to the visual identity of the film. management-texture-terra-willy-3 Source: TAT Prod Everything we create in texture, and everything that could be modeled upstream, comes from the prescriptions of graphic research. I am given a major color, the variant that follows, the climatic intention, the location of the element in relation to the camera.

Work together and ensure that we are all moving in the same direction

So even if there is always room for interpretation, we must work together and ensure that we are all moving in the same direction. design texture by Use this template To broaden this area a little bit, can you give us some of your references in the field of texture, works that blew you away? (thoughtful, smiling) I will always Raster to Vector Conversion remember this moment. I had gone to see Dragon at the cinema, and when the main character rides his dragon. They fly between the huge rocks for the first time.  But otherwise, since I was a kid, I’ve always loved films that take place outdoors, in nature, in the woods, forests, with cliffs, waterfalls, underground spaces… Even if I also appreciate films with contemporary and urban decorations, because there are bricks, concrete, posts and pipes, it is especially the nature side that attracts me. I am thinking in particular of Robin des Bois (1991) with Kevin Costner. Texturing XYZ Finally. do you have any tools to share with us such as texture databases.

Raster to Vector Conversion

In Scotland, Highlander  with Christophe Lambert

Alan Rickman, Rob Roy (1995) which takes place in the Highlands. Most importantly, In Scotland, Highlander (1986) with Christophe Lambert. Dune the film (1984) and the mini CG Leads series (2000) marked me enormously. For instance,  Especially during the underground scenes, in the cave. The tunnels, the expanses of water. In other words, If we hide the special effects of the era ! And if we go back even further, I remember a book that I read often, child, on the underwater worlds. You could see fossils there, creatures from the luminescent seabed, like a shell or a rainbow, that also fascinated me. And otherwise, I’ve always loved and collected rocks and pebbles! And from a more professional point of view, the Texturing. company , created by Jeremy Celeste (one of my former teachers at ESMA Toulouse) is at the forefront of all things texture definition. Their technique is unique in the world, and their clients include the biggest international animation studios. texture-management text uringxyz charlize theron Credit.


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