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If everything is in order and the reputation of your brand has not been damage.  Perhaps something has become deaf that affects you even though it is not relate to you, for example: recently many studies have been publishe about a certain type of plastic whose use may be dangerous and carcinogenic and as a result, websites that sold that type of plastic, Suffere a very sharp decrease in movement – this is an example of a general personal effect.

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If you feel a decrease in the amount of your organic Denmark Phone Number List movement, it is very difficult to identify its origin. You need to work in the form of negation and arrive at the truth research as quickly and accurately as possible. The sooner you can identify the source, the better you can try to control the narrative and the outcome. Continue to have your hand on the pulse and if you feel that you are not succeeding or you don’t have time, contact us and together we can find the best solution!
You know those Google announcements that herald extra work hours in the office in an attempt to survive and make your sites ready for Google’s changes? So here’s another such announcement that has been launche and already starting again in December 2019, Google’s browser, aka Chrome, will start blocking website pages with mixe content.

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This announcement is basically a call to every website owner and every website operator to check that they do not have mixe content on their website and that all their resources are loade from the secure HTTPS protocol and not from the insecure HTTP protocol. What is mixe content. Mixe content is secure CG Leads content that is loade by the HTTPS protocol but contains scripts, designs, images, or other linke content that is serve using the insecure HTTP protocol. In short and simply: secure and non-secure content, mixe together. Such mixe content actually constitutes a security risk for all surfers on your website on the one hand and for your website itself on the other hand.

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