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See the source that brought the user to the page – advertising or organic issuance. Store the entire history of communications with the client. Ringo stat Messenger, where you can conduct all correspondence with clients Ringo stat Messenger interface and an example of a dialogue with a buyer All calls are stored in the Ringo stat message log. At any time, you can “raise” the history of correspondence. For example, to remember the essence of the conversation and clarify the agreements. Ringostat message log interface Ringo stat message log Collect reviews Ask your loyal customers to leave a review on your Facebook page. This is important for several reasons.

Increase The Number Of Leads

Thanks to the reviews, the position of the page in the search results on Facebook and Google increases. which means they increase sales. According to statistics , 85% of users equally trust the assessments of strangers and the personal recommendations Macedonia Mobile Number List of acquaintances. You don’t have to invent anything – just post the reviews that grateful customers leave you. example of a thank you note on a company page The story of one purchase, told by the developer on the social network page Promotion Not everything you post on your Facebook page will end up in your followers’ feeds. You may be surprised, but the approximate organic reach of public pages is only 5.2% . Facebook algorithms prioritize posts from friends and family. Then – publications of pages with which users interact most often.

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Select The Purpose Of Advertising

If your page doesn’t boast subscriber engagement, don’t count on high organic reach for your posts. Facebook algorithms, scheme of work How Facebook Organic Algorithms Work. Source Therefore, many brands have to use paid promotion methods. Content creation and advertising are complementary strategies. To manage promotion on Facebook, you need Ads Manager – an advertising account. In it you can: create ads; define audiences; set a budget; track progress statistics. Publication promotion Next to each post on the page, there is a “Promote” button – this is a way to increase the reach of a particular post. “Promote Post” button By clicking on the button, you will see a menu with intuitive advertising campaign settings.

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