Link Building: 9 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Check what are the link-building errors that may be obstructing your SEO strategy. It’s no secret that having links pointing to your domain is one of the main factors taken into account to define the authority of your site, directly influencing your placement in search engine results. As an essential part of an SEO strategy, in addition to keywords, it is important to know good link-building practices, but it is essential to know which tactics are not viewed favorably by search engines and may even be penalized. This text will be dedicated to addressing the main mistakes that you should avoid in the link-building of your Digital Marketing strategy. To understand why Google penalizes some types of links, you need to understand how Google assesses their value.

1- Do Not Buy or Sell Links

Google is increasingly prepared to identify links that have not been used naturally, and the same goes for purchased links. Think of each link, which points to or is pointed to by your domain, as a record of your value. You want to make sure all registrations are positive, so be careful when trading them. Buying and selling links is one of Google’s biggest focus religious email database points and is definitely a territory you want to stay away from. In the end, there are much better ways to build authority. Remember that if you want to put a link from a business partner on your page, you can try to put it naturally, or insert the NoFollow tag. This tag prevents the search engine from following the link, and therefore from associating the two domains.

2- Do Not Use Private Blog Networks

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This resource consists of creating a network of private blogs. Similarly, In domains other than your website, to generate links to your main site. In addition, Where you concentrate customer acquisition. So I can’t have a blog on another domain? Of course you can! The important thing is to CG Leads ensure. That your blog has relevance on its own. If your private blog is constantly. Similarly, updated, receiving visits, new content and external links. In addition, It is likely to generate value, and you do not have to worry about it. However, if you plan to purchase several deactivated domains to generate links. And leave them “Left to the moths”, you will have a big problem on your hands.

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