Let’s Not Fall for Innocents Prepare Your Marketing Strategy for That Day

The day of the holy innocents is a religious tradition of catholic. Origin commemorate in the world in honor of the thousands of children who were murdered in bethlehem on the orders of king herod. It is a pagan celebration, according to the new testament. Exactly as established by saint matthew, where he explains how the magi arrived in jerusalem and notified herod that they were going to look for the future king of the jews who had just been born. With this confession, hero felt the fear of losing his power. And he made them believe that he was pleased with the news. For which he suggested that they go in search of the baby and that when they found it, they would indicate its whereabouts. However, the magi did not trust this request and ignored it because they were suspicious of herod’s intentions, so they conducted their search discreetly.

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On the other hand, the emperor. The kings and realizing that jesus of nazareth had been born. Gave the order to his soldiers to look for all children under 2 years Pakistan Phone Number List of age to kill them. That is why every december 28th the day of the innocents is commemorate. Although it is focused from two different celebrations; on the one hand in a religious. Way since christianity adopted it for the aforementioned and on the other hand. In various parts of the world it is customary to make jokes to others to make them see that they have fallen for innocents. That is why it is also known as a pagan ritual. In latin america and spain this is a more entrenched tradition where making jokes on that day is common.

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In the united states, a similar party called ” april fools ‘ day ” is celebrate every first of april. Where brands take the opportunity to generate humorous content to CG Leads increase their sales. Among their customers. How to take advantage of the celebration of the holy innocents. Day to promote your brand after knowing what december 28 means. You may be curious to know how you can use april fools’ day to project your brand or business. Creating humorous content, the day of the holy innocents is an excellent opportunity. Since you can implement seasonal marketing. A strategy that goes very well with this theme since it helps us get the best out of this special party.

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